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YOU VS Marketing?

You deserve someone in your corner.

We are your marketing friends who find you the simplest and most effective ways of acquiring more clients


How IT Works

The short version of what we do
We specialize in helping businesses improve their marketing strategies. We work with clients one-on-one to identify the areas that need attention and develop custom marketing plans that deliver results. Whether it's through identifying missed opportunities, finding creative ways to drive traffic, developing irresistible offers or optimizing campaigns, We are here to help you find the most effective and simplest ways to acquire more clients. 

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Proper marketing doesn't drain anything, it builds.

If you feel that your marketing is draining either your money, time, or mental energy then it's time for a change. It should always build your brand, your customer base, your reputation, customer loyalty etc. 

We don't do the work for our clients, but we also don't leave them with a laundry list of homework they dread doing. We try to make sure you will actually love doing the things we suggest. We collaborate in a consulting style environment to create completely custom marketing plans that business owners LOVE and that WORK.


We can connect you to industry partners at discounted rates.

In the case that we decide one correct strategy for you is paid advertising or similar, we will connect you with vetted people we have worked with and have proven reliable. Please note that we do not, and will never, take any form of compensation from people we refer to. We aim to be the most trustworthy source in the marketing world, and as such cannot have any financial ties to agencies, contractors etc.

What should you expect if you book a meeting?

HIGH PRESSURE SALES! Ehm not quite. Zero sales tactics at all in fact. We hate sales. We legitimately want to get to know you and your business, and any ideas or tips we come up with during our chat are freely yours to implement. You will walk away with some amazing value and a bit more clarity about how to market your business.


What if we both like the idea of working together?

We start things off by taking a deep dive examination into your business and personality through several short exercises. After that we will start testing and implementing the marketing methods we decide on during that initial deep dive. As we test and learn new things we will keep adjusting as much as necessary until optimal results are realized... soon after that point you will have likely grown to a new level, and will soon need to expand the marketing plan, but no need to worry about that now.

Hope to see you soon!



Hello, my name is Joe Jelovnik. 

My marketing journey started in 2015 when I was doing photography as a side hustle. I knew I needed to learn marketing to get some business other than friends and family. It went from there to freelancing FB ads, getting blueprint certifications, hiring contractors, creating an agency and finally realizing the one thing that kept me coming back every day was talking to people on the phone and helping them with their marketing problems.


Most of the time I was giving them solutions they could do themselves. It was then that I realized what I truly loved, and had developed a track record for, was helping businesses with custom marketing plans and ideas. It's been a long time in the making, but I now get to help people do just that. I want to help as many businesses as possible avoid wasting time and money on marketing that isn't suited to them or their businesses. And help them find the RIGHT marketing for them.


The Jelovnik Family

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